Monday, October 7, 2013

Dylan's new car!

You want to make a boy happy? Get him his own set of wheels. Dylan's great uncle and aunt and my cousins bought Dylan a pedal GO-KART!!!!! We assembled it after he went to bed on Saturday night and he woke up at 4AM to ride it.

But sadly for Dylan yesterday was the rainiest day, too rainy for riding his new, as he calls it, "race car". He rode that thing around the house all morning, just dying to ride it for real. Finally the rain had slowed to a sprinkle and we decided to dress everybody warm and head out to the park anyway because a little rain never hurt anyone.

Dylan doesn't like to pedal his old bike. It's a Big Wheels and for some reason is not easily maneuverable for little feet. When we went to the farm with Dylan's preschool friends, there were several bikes like the one Dylan has and no one could pedal them. He pedals upright bikes just fine, but he usually likes to just use his feet. So we weren't sure how he'd fare.

When we took him to the park he slowly drove his go-kart using his feet for the first few minutes as Sean and I coaxed him unsuccessfully to use the pedals. But he soon figured out how to drive this thing and then we couldn't get him to stop pedaling.


Katie was a trooper.


She had a little exercise, too.


And as for this boy? Well we couldn't get him to leave. He rode through large puddles in the rain and as fast as his little legs could take him.

We were going to get Dylan a bike for his birthday but were kind of iffy on it because we didn't know if he would fully enjoy it yet. But this pedal go-kart is absolutely perfect for him. We went out and bought him a bike horn and a license plate for it last night. Dylan is just so proud of his new car.