Friday, October 11, 2013

Dylan is W!


This smart, loving, precocious little boy turned three yesterday. When I ask him how old he is, he replies, "I am a W!" and laughs because three fingers looks like a W. My little comedian. We took him to Toys R Us and told him that he can pick out whatever he wanted, thinking he'd pick out a bike or a drum set or something extra expensive. He chose a garbage truck. His bazillionth garbage truck. And we kept trying to get him to pick out other toys, too--Look at this monster truck! Would you like a monster truck, too?!--and he would say, "No, please put that back, I would like this garbage truck." In the end we talked him into getting a planetarium, a few trucks, and a large plastic snake. He hasn't stopped carrying that garbage truck around since it came home.


Dylan is growing so fast. He is shy with adults and overly social with peers, funny and witty and fresh. He loves school and trucks and Kate and watching documentaries. He sings everywhere we go and loves to read and is just such a kind little boy. Quite the character.

We visited him at school today to bring his class some ice cream. He sat next to his little friends at that small kidney-shaped table and all ten of them didn't make a peep when the teacher told them that they were to play the quiet game while she ran to grab the ice cream from the freezer. They said a prayer and waited their turn and it was seriously the cutest thing ever.

After a long week of parties and toys and letting the birthday boy eat Cheez-Its for breakfast, I am quite glad that the birthday week is now over and we can get back to our normal routine, with our little boy who is now the big W.