Saturday, September 28, 2013

Taking a break

Sean could tell I needed a break today.  I don't really do that whole take time for myself thing, I don't think about it much.  The kids are just an extension of me; I consider tuning them out for a few minutes and answering with a mindless "uh huh" taking a break.

So he did something extremely dangerous: he handed me the Target card and said to go out for a while, go shopping, get whatever I wanted.

I almost said, "What?  Are you nuts?" but thought better of it and was already skipping out the door.

The windows were open as I drove and I had my favorite Pink Floyd song on repeat and at full volume and I didn't even turn it down when they sang the f word.  Ah, a car ride sans little ears!


So then I shopped. I didn't go crazy but I did spend kind of a lot, mostly on groceries.  Who does that?  Gets to go shopping alone and buys groceries.  I ordered my favorite coffee at Starbucks. I drove home with those windows down and that song with the f word audible and a warm fall drink in one hand. And it. was. awesome.

Hellooo, autumn.