Monday, September 23, 2013

On a Monday

Today was a blur. A fun blur. We were almost late dropping Dylan off at school after the kids slept in until eight. The house was nice and quiet with just Sean and me awake and I took a nice hot shower which--since the house was still quiet--metamorphosed into an even hotter bath. After the kids woke up I made pancakes and bathed the boy.


Kate went to her first day at Mother Goose which starts an hour and a half after Dylan goes to school so we spent the morning with Gramma.

Both babes were exhausted after their morning activities so we came back home, ate lunch, and slept for a few hours. I finally woke Dylan up at 3PM and we went shopping, came home and made dinner, played for a bit, and waited for Daddy to show up on his bike.

A nice fun easy day.

Kate is getting closer to crawling every day. She absolutely adores her big brother. No one can make her laugh like he can.

I'm off to put the boy to sleep. And just like that it's Tuesday.