Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm on the DL

So remember that 30-day ab challenge I was excited to be participating in with Sean and my friend Laura? Well, I've had to drop out. I gave myself a sports hernia, which basically means that I ripped my ab muscle. This happened on Thursday and I was so bummed and a bit in denial that I tried to do my situps again the next day and couldn't get through one without screaming. The pain was unbearable. So I guess I'm throwing in the towel, at least for another week to allow my muscle to heal a bit. I can still go running without much pain, though, and so we went Friday night and took our golden retriever Jasmine.

And of course she ended up in the lake.


We had a nice swampy smelling girl for a while.

Sean is still doing the ab challenge and rather enjoying it, although he makes sure to sarcastically let me know that I suckered him into it, but he always walks around like proudcock afterwards saying how easy that was, no big deal. Dylan likes to workout with him.


My lower stomach only hurts when I use that muscle, like if I cough or bend over the right way, and it feels better if I push on it. I've been taking extremely hot baths at night and it seems to feel even better after that. Dylan has been complaining that his stomach hurts today and I said, "Is it because Mama's stomach hurts, buddy?" and he told me that yes, that is why his hurts, too.

Infinite love for that boy, infinite. I can't even begin to explain how proud I felt of my kids last night as we drove home from our friend's party. We had left the house eight hours prior and enjoyed two parties--my adorable nephew turned one and a handful of Sean's friends were celebrating their 40ths--it was after 10PM, three hours past bedtime, and both kids were happily talking and cooing in the backseat.

Katie had been passed around all night and just happy as a clam to see everyone, and Dylan played with everyone's kids--who were six and older--as if he was one of the crew. For hours. We didn't even need to watch him because he was just doing what the kids did and having a blast playing tag and hanging by the campfire.

Do you ever have those moments where you just cannot grasp the enormity of how much you love your family? Yesterday was one of those days. I watched as my husband and his closest friends smiled and reminisced, my daughter slept soundly as one of our friends rocked her, and my son laughed gleefully for hours. I felt like I was looking in on my life yesterday and feeling just so blessed.

And I've got a confession: I've been skipping my calcium doses. Instead of taking six calciums a day I've only been taking two, and I feel great! No finger tingling, no facial numbness, no heart palpitations. I'm feeling healthier than I have in years. So maybe I've got a little sports hernia, but let me tell you, everything else in my life smells like sunshine. I am overjoyed.