Monday, August 5, 2013

A heart full of love

Called Sean at work, he said he had a terrible headache.

Me: "Me, too! I was in a hurry because someone was pulling up next to me and I had left my door open and I slammed the trunk down ridiculously hard on my skull. Hard enough to check for blood."
Sean: "Oh! That must explain my headache then!"

Aw. Soulmates.

Do you know what makes a five month old baby happy? Everything. There's nothing like sitting down with her after a long day and pretending to sneeze, watching her light up with an ear-to-ear smile. Look that way! Look back at the baby! Where'd you go?! Laughs. All I have to do is get up to grab something in the other room and I come back to the happiest little girl who is just so glad to see me.


Do you know what makes a two-year-old happy? Dirt. And Home Depot. We are enjoying both today.

And do you know what makes a mama happy?


Two happy, healthy babies who adore each other.