Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy weekend, everyone!

Dylan starts school in twelve days and in true Dylan fashion he scraped his entire face on the driveway. It looks much better today and should be healed for his first day of school.


He's feeling like quite the big man this week because Grandpa and he have been doing a lot of "work" together. My favorite work moment of the week was when Pops was breaking thin wood boards in half and he had Dylan give him the command on when to break them. Dylan yelled, "One, two, GO!" for a good thirty minutes.

Oh! And he learned how to use the pedals on his bike this week!

Katie ate baby food chicken last night for the first time and loved it. She's going to be an eater, she absolutely loves everything except for pears.


Poor Sean is out a bike as of yesterday. His pedals broke right off of his road bike on the way home from work and no matter how often he tried to tighten them back on they'd break off. He came home an hour later looking pretty defeated and covered in grease and sweat. Sean rides his bike pretty much everyday so I'm hoping a friend has an old bike that they aren't using so he can keep doing what he loves.


We're got a busy weekend ahead of us and it's about to start right now. Off to do work in the backyard.