Thursday, August 22, 2013


Dylan is an in-your-face all-over-the-bed sleeper. He brings cuddling to new heights. Sean and I cuddle together up until we fall asleep and then we usually roll over and sleep back to back. Before I met Sean I was a total all-night cuddler. He never was. So I grew used to sleeping in my own space and found that I slept better that way. Then came Dylan. He slept in my arms for his first fifteen months and he absolutely had to be holding onto me during the night; a hand on my face, a head on my shoulder.

Last night I sneaked into Dylan's room long after he had fallen asleep and scooped him into my arms. He turned over as I snuggled up under the covers and put his arms around me like a necklace--still fast asleep. Sometimes I just miss him. As much as I love having my own sleeping space I long for a tiny peanut sprawled across my face now and then, it's too quiet when he's not there.

Kate sleeps in her own crib until her morning bottle. I usually scoop her up and feed her in bed with me as we fall back to sleep, our mouths wide open catching flies. Sean is out biking to work before we wake up and I open my eyes to three dogs and a baby in our bed and Dylan tiptoeing into our room to ask, "Do you want to go downstairs?"

Sean was out golfing with some fellow managers yesterday and so I only saw him for about an hour last night. I miss him a bunch today and I almost feel happy that I miss him. Wow, I think, all of these years later and I still love him as much as I did when we first fell in love.



"Look! There's my friend the garbage truck! What's the garbage truck doing?"
"I think he's parked."
"Look! There's my friend the bus! What's the bus doing?"

"He's going to school."
"Look! There's my friend the lift! What's the lift doing?"

"I think he's working, Dylan."

Today calls for lots of rain. We spent the morning with Grandpa, ate tacos for lunch, and now Kate and the pups are napping as Dylan and I watch Paw Patrol. Thursdays are kind of a bummer because, well, they aren't Fridays. It's kind of nice to just relax around the house though. I could get used to sleepy kids and extra in-your-face cuddles.