Friday, August 16, 2013

But he's still only two


I often forget how old Dylan is. He acts so much older, more like a peer than a preschooler. Last night he recited Robert Frost's Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening to me before bed. I was shocked. I recite it to him often but not often enough that he should know it by heart. And then I asked him if he wanted to say the ABCs. He said, "Nah, fuck it."


That's another thing about Dylan. If you say something aloud he banks it into his internal memory and repeats it at a later date. Usually in perfect context. I couldn't believe that he had just said what he said and so I asked him to repeat himself. "People just say 'fuck it,' Mama."

Where's the parenting manual? How the heck do I handle this one. Are you saying 'forklift'? I asked. Yes, that's it. You are saying forklift.

He said it again this morning and then later when we were at the store. Great. Can't wait for him to teach all of his preschool buddies the F word. I told him that what he is saying is a bad word and that he should not say that again or else he will go in time out.

"What!" He replied, "I just said 'buck', Mama, like the dollar."

Oh he knows what he's doing, all right.


"I'm hungry," he said to me on the drive home from the store, "and my airplane is hungry."

"OKay, we can go to Dunkin Donuts and get a grilled cheese." I looked back and saw him nodding off. It was late in the afternoon, far past lunchtime. "Three minutes, buddy." I said enthusiastically as I watched him squint his eyes as if he could no longer keep them open. There was a long line at the drive-thru and Dylan passed out as soon as I pulled up to the pickup window.

I tried so hard to keep him awake, but he only got a few sleepy bites in him before crashing.


I can understand how he could be so sleepy after I scrolled through the photos I took at the park today. Boyfriend did a lot of running around.

He's currently watching a movie about bugs. When he saw a bunch of caterpillars eating a leaf he exclaimed, "They are one big happy family!" and then he picked up a bra out of the clothes pile I should be putting away instead of blogging and said, "Is that for your belly button so you don't get your water in your eyes?"

Oh, to be two.