Tuesday, July 30, 2013



I took the kids to Walmart this afternoon because I ran out of glue sticks for my glue gun and as we were leaving the house Dylan proclaimed, "Goodbye ants! Goodbye dogs! We'll be right back! Goodbye Eli (his fish)! Goodbye air conditioners! We'll see you soon!"

Yes, see you later air conditioners.


Sean's dad came over this morning to mow our lawn--he likes to do that even though we tell him he shouldn't--and to visit. He comes over almost everyday during the week or takes Dylan shopping or to the library. I love his visits. I'm really quite fortunate to love my father-in-law as much as I do, I feel like something is missing if we don't talk on the phone everyday.

We were all sitting outside on the front steps when suddenly Dylan and I were covered in ants. He had disturbed a nest when he was playing in the sand and hundreds of tiny ants blasted out in all directions like tiny crawling fireworks. They started biting at our feet and Dylan had them all the way up in his shirt so I rushed him inside and took off all of his clothes. Poor kid had bites on his back. He said, "I need to go see the doctor" and so I was a bit shocked that he felt the need to say goodbye to the ants as we left for the store.

"But don't you dislike the ants because they bit you?" I asked.
"No, Mama. I love the ants. Even when they bite." He replied.


The picture above is of some weird space fort hut Sean and I came upon while hiking. It reminds me of Patrick Park's song Thunderbolt:

God knows that it gets so hard
to keep out the cold
when you're living in a house
full of holes.

And speaking of houses, I'd better go clean mine.