Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Synthroid 150 and depression

Before I kicked my endocrinologist to the curb last week he upped my dosage of thyroid medicine from 125mcg to 150mcg. My TSH was at a 3 and ideal TSH to keep the cancer from growing is 0.1.  But I'm not sure how well I'm handling my new dose.

I feel very up and down today.  So sad and angry one minute and happy as a lark the next.  Tonight I'm mentally deciding that I don't feel like changing my attitude.  My mood is like a five year old child who wants something and decides to stomp her feet and bitch and whine until she gets her way.  

I'm in a funk that I cannot shake but at least I don't feel physically incapable of moving my body like I did last week. 

Today's sadness will hopefully be cured by a good night's sleep and I'll start fresh tomorrow.  

Thyroid cancer, you win tonight.