Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Garbage day

That garbage man must think we are the laziest people in town. We do nothing on Tuesday mornings until we've seen the garbage truck drive by, we stay home in our pajamas in front of the television. Garbage day is the highlight of Dylan's week. He adores trucks--garbage trucks especially--and will run through the house to jump up in front of that window as soon as he hears the air breaks make their kssssssssssssh sound on our street.


The truck comes at 9:30 and the garbage man immediately looks for Dylan in the window. The boys wave to each other and then they give a big thumbs up.

Dylan has been holding down this Tuesday trash tradition for so long that when the garbage man first started coming and giving him a thumbs up, a younger Dylan would stick up his pointer finger.

A few weeks back we were at a friend's house across town when the garbage truck drove by. We were getting into our car and for the first time were outside to talk with the garbage man who immediately recognized Dylan.

"You're my buddy from the window!" He exclaimed.

I introduced Dylan and the garbage man said, "My name is Kurt."

Kurt. Finally a name to attach to the face of the man who makes my son's week.

Now I don't always love the state of our world these days. There are bombings and campus murders and security scandals. I don't always want my children to grow up in such a dreadful place. But Kurt gives me faith in humanity. To recognize my child at a different house and know him is hero worthy. I'm almost certain Kurt knows how important he is to Dylan and I'm just as sure that Dylan waiting for him in the window every Tuesday makes Kurt's day a little brighter, too.


And so we wait in our pajamas. Two thumbs up, Kurt.