Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My mountain goat and my black sheep


Sean is away for work this week and so I am here with our kids at home. Sean beamed with excitement the night before he left as he talked about how his company was sponsoring a night of rock climbing and read off warnings on a worn out sheet of paper: Watch for rattlesnakes at the base of the mountain. How reassuring.

I sometimes roll my eyes when others talk about how perfect their families are or how unconditionally they love their significant others, but the truth is I am beyond in love with my husband and our babies. To the point where I love them so much I am petrified to lose them. My family is my world. I love my husband more and more every second of each day and when I think I can't love him any more than I do, I find myself loving him more than that. And our kids? These tiny little hearts of ours? They are my air.

As Sean prepared to board his flight I held my breath. My two breaths.

When he reached the top of the mountain on his rock climbing expedition yesterday he sent us a photo of his view.


And look at him climbing that mountain! I am so proud of my love.


As for here, we are doing just fine. My two dearest friends came over today with their babes.


Dylan read his nightly Mother Goose on camera tonight. Gahh, he's cute!

I want to remember our little bedtime story moments for always, to hear a two-year-old Dylan recite his favorite Baa Baa Black Sheep over and over because he doesn't want to go to sleep. Sean will be home tomorrow and we will be waiting for him with Mother Goose bells on our toes.

And only then will I be able to exhale.