Monday, June 3, 2013

For the blogs they are a'changin


I redesigned my blog again today. I do this often when I get bored with my template. I rearrange the rooms in my house just as often. In between rain showers and editing headers and CSS we played outside in the backyard. Dylan is learning how to pee on a tree as we are starting to potty train for preschool so he spends most of his time wearing only sunblock these days and driving his cozy coupe in the nude.


And then there is Kathleen who will get whatever she wants if she makes this face to her daddy when she gets older:


Tomorrow morning I go to see my endocrinologist. I'm hoping for a miracle fix. I am getting weaker by the day and am hoping my bloodwork reveals the problem.  These days I am active for ten good minutes at a time and then I need an hour to recover.  Moving my arms and legs hurts.  I spend most of the day unable to feel my hands and feet.  I'm tired of feeling tired. 

I don't have much to write about mostly because I can't physically do much except tread water keeping my children fed and clean and happy.  I don't pray often but I will be praying tonight.  I can't take much more of this pain and exhaustion. 

If you pray, please do so for my healing.  I could use extra prayers now.