Thursday, May 9, 2013

One week after RAI


I had a second whole body scan (WBS) today. I thought maybe the scan would give us some insight as to how much cancer is left in my body but apparently all the doctor wanted to see with today's scan was that the radiation is in the targeted areas. They did mention that I have a lot of uptake in my breasts and took an extra lateral photo so that they can compare it down the road, but this is to be expected because I had a baby so recently and would have traces of breast milk which would soak up the radioiodine. So I was told that my endocrinologist would be following up with blood tests to check my levels and discuss our next steps.

The hospital staff gave me a Worry Woo stuffed animal to take home to the kids. It made everyone's day around here.


I'm extremely fatigued tonight and already took an hour-long nap before bed. Here's hoping the kids get some decent sleep tonight so we can all get some rest.

My radiation levels are at a very safe 0.4 at three feet away and 1.9 at the neck. They should be under 2 to be safe for baby cuddling so I've been cleared to hug up on the kids again! Although my RSO says not to hold her at my throat for long periods of time just to be safe.