Friday, May 10, 2013

Ho hum

Katie took a nice long nap today. Dylan is a different story. 

I was afraid of this.  Sean took care of the kids all last week while I was in isolation and he did an absolutely fabulous job caring for them. But our normal routine is so incredibly out of whack now--Dylan hasn't napped all week, Sean played with him 24/7, and let him do pretty much what he wanted, and I can only guess that discipline was few and far between.  Enter Mom, the bad guy. 

I don't let Dylan get away with much and he's absolutely melting down.  We want to take him to a carnival tonight but he's exhausted and there is no way I'm taking him out like this. I've been trying for two hours to get him to sleep. It's 70 degrees outside and he is spending the day in his room. I'm not sure who is more drained here.  I hate to hear him cry but I can't expect him to suddenly give up naps just because it's more convienient for us if he goes to bed early. Boyfriend is ti-red. 

I really can't blame this on my husband.  He was seriously incredible last week. Movie star incredible. But Dylan is wearing me thin trying to get back on our structured horse. 

I'm giving him 5 more minutes upstairs before I bring him down.  The carnival might just have to wait for another day.