Saturday, May 25, 2013

Good fences make good neighbors


The house next door to us was vacant when we moved here in 2007 and stayed that way for nearly three years until finally purchased by a quiet single mom with older kids and a small lassie dog. We had no issues with them--other than the small detail that they leave their trash receptacle on the street for days after garbage day--until recently.

Our neighbors have acquired three (THREE!) more tiny dogs and they are total yips. These little ankle biters act as if they rule the neighborhood and come running out of their house in attack mode, barking at our fence and provoking our dogs for a reaction. And our dogs do not let them down one bit. Jasmine especially. She literally tries to attack them through the fence until her face is covered with blood (hers) and there are holes in the fence.

It's a big problem. We've gone from having a lovely fenced in yard where our guys spend most of their summer days while we play outside to not being able to let them outside for more than a few minutes or else a fence fight might break out. Technically, this town only allows three dogs and our neighbors are breaking the rules by owning four, so although I'm not going to report them I secretly hope that the town finds out and forces them to get rid of the biggest pain in the ass ankles so that we may have our peaceful yard back.


This morning I ran out to grab our dogs as they bit at the fence at the yippy neighbor dogs. Jasmine had nearly eaten one of the fence panels off and those little brats were in danger of getting eaten.

So Sean went out back in the rain and built thee best reinforcement line along the bottom of the fence.

Suddenly, all is quiet in the yard because these seven dogs can't get access to each other any longer. I'm sure it won't last, there will be holes popping up in other spots along the fence in no time, but for now it is glorious.

This feels like I've won the peace and quiet lottery. My husband is my hero.