Tuesday, April 30, 2013

When "special" brownies mean that they cohere to a low iodine diet...

Let's talk about what being super hypothyroid feels like. Aside from the obvious definition of 'absolute shit'. I woke up about an hour ago or so, just after midnight, feeling sick to my stomach, congested, and freezing. It is now 1:30AM and I'm in the tub and I must've been here the whole time but I have no recollection of getting in or any concept of time. The faucet is dripping slowly and I can hear it: plop plop plop plop plop. But I keep looking around the bathroom for the source of the sound because when I look at the faucet dripping it is delayed. My eyes are physically delayed at the moment. And hasn't it been 1:29AM for at least ten minutes? I do not like how I am feeling! I don't even drink caffeine because I can't stand feeling like I no longer can control my body, forget feeling stoned/drunk/whatever this is for two -point-five weeks. However now that I've taken a bath I am no longer nauseated, breathing without a stuffy nose, and warmed up. Just in time for Kate's 3AM feeding when--luckily--she will keep track of the time and alert me that she is hungry so I don't have to watch the clock waiting and feeling half-stoned.

Folks. Be glad for a functioning thyroid if you've got one.

Ps: 1:37. Still in the tub. Wondering how long ago the water drained.