Saturday, April 13, 2013

So big!


Dylan is still quite little. Two and a half going on thirty. I sometimes forget that he is still so young because he is pretty witty and holds very adult conversations with me. He's a wonderful boy: sensitive, loving, funny, active. He is constantly making me laugh. Like when I ask him what the weather will be like and he answers "Nineteen fifteen o'clock!"

He knows what he is doing, though, don't think he doesn't. If he does something fresh he gives me an air smooch when I put him in time out as if to say Oh, I know I was fresh but you can't resist my kisses! or sometimes he will swat at me and immediately say, "I love you so much, Mom!" Today when I scooped him out of a deep sleep during nap time he held me tight and sighed "Looovvvvveee" before he had even opened his eyes. And then he patted me on the back. That kid can push my buttons and wear me out but he sure does know how to melt me, too.

He is dying to grow up. He wants to drive every vehicle he spots, he wants to fix things around the house with Daddy, and he wants to go to work. He pulls his stool to each light switch in the house and turns on all of the lights. He lets the dogs in and out. He scolds them when they are fresh. He mimics me when he says, "It's not a game, Mama!" or "You're being fresh!" or "You're such a good boy, Mama, I'm so proud of youuuuuu!" He steals unopened water bottles off of the counter and pours them into the dogs' water dish. He dusts. He is so eager to be a big boy.

We registered him for preschool on Thursday. I'm in shock that my little baby is going to school but he loved his classrooms and asked to stay there with his teacher. I can't wait to see him in the fall wearing his too-big-for-him backpack and new shoes. Sean can't wait to walk him to school when the weather is warm, to go to teacher conferences, to watch him learn the days of the weeks and the alphabet and his numbers.

Yesterday I started singing the ABC song. Dylan replied, "I hate that song." and began to sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. That's just Dylan. He does things his own way.

Today at Lowe's two little girls tried to talk to him as they sat near each other in their respective race car carriages. They kept trying to get him to say hello and he watched them and said nothing. They asked each other "Why isn't that boy talking?" and continued to say hello to him in hopes that he would reply but Dylan said nothing. And then as we began to back away from them and leave the aisle Dylan loudly yelled, "BYE, KIDS!" as if he was ninety years old watching them from his front porch. Sean and I nearly died from the hilarity.

But that's Dylan. Two going on thirty. He's growing so fast but in the end he'll always be my little baby.