Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mama Time Out

Dylan's an incredible kid. He's really sweet and always wants to help and to please me. But since I'm on this diet and cannot take thyroid medications I find myself ready to snap at the simplest things. Like right now. He jumped into Kate's pack n' play after a trip to the park. The OCD in me had to leave the room. I couldn't take the thought of dog hair and dirt and normal two year old boy germs being in the spot where the baby hasn't even slept in at least two weeks. Everything can be washed, I know this. But it's driving me batshit crazy anyway.

The fact that I'm running on two hours of sleep doesn't help my zero patience.

And really Dylan loves to do things the way he thinks I would want them as is evident by the fact that he puts his used sippy cups in his toy sink. He knows that all I've been eating for lunch is hamburgers so he cooks me pretend hamburgers "for you diet, Mom."

I told him I have to go to the hospital next week and he said "I'll go with you, too."

He just found me trying to take a Time Out and regain patience on the couch in his playroom and said, "Oh hey, Mama! Did you take a good night's rest, Mama? That's so great!"

Even when I have zero patience and even less sleep he can make me smile.

He has turned on his karaoke machine and is singing along.

Bad mood? What bad mood?