Thursday, April 25, 2013

Low iodine diet: Day 12 (again)

So it's only 4AM on day 12 but I'm wide awake waiting for Katie to stop throwing herself a party for one in her crib so I figured I'd write a bit to keep me awake. I apparently thought yesterday was day 12 of my diet and completely skipped day 11 but that gives you a good idea about how it feels to function on a crappy diet without a thyroid. Brainless would be a good description. I've been searching the Internet for stories of RAI treatment to see what others experienced. If anything reading these accounts is making me more nervous. I go in for treatment next Thursday, one week from today, but I have to get some bloodwork done Friday (tomorrow) and I have to be at the hospital on Monday and Tuesday for a low dose of radioiodine and a scan so technically I'm well on my way to getting this ball rolling. I'm pretty sure I can't sleep next to Katie's crib--it's right next to our bed--next week after taking even the small dose of radioiodine but I don't know the specifics of if I can take care of the kids or hug them etc.

I don't know how I will survive being away from them.

As for how I'm feeling I've had two pretty good days back to back so that is promising. I read online that technically I shouldn't even be driving in this state of hypothyroidism because my reaction time is slowed. There are days when I can't remember my name but there are also OKay days when I feel close to normal.

I'll probably feel pretty sick during my isolation at the hospital but more than anything I will feel lonely. The mental aspect of going through this is much tougher than the physical side effects.