Saturday, April 20, 2013

Low iodine diet: Day 7

I woke up feeling like I had the flu. Since I only caught three hours of sleep last night Sean scooped up Katie at 6AM and I conked out until...wait for it...TEN O'CLOCK!

I stumbled downstairs to Dylan in his cute pirate boxer brief pajama set running towards me.
"Maaaammmmmmmaaaaa!!!" All smiles.
And all three dogs lined up at my feet wagging their tails.
And little Katie slept peacefully in her swing.
Sean had already done the dishes and cooked Dylan a big Saturday morning breakfast.

I ate a banana and video chatted with my sister. Sean and Dylan went off to run errands together and I caught a shower in peace for the first time in I can't remember. The boys were back as soon as I finished and Dylan and I attempted to make iodine-free corn muffins:


They tasted like sneakers.

I ate a few corn chips--still questionable whether they contain iodine--and drank a juice box before we took off for a short hike.

(I think Sean looks especially sexy in that last photo. Something about a good-looking man with a baby.)

After getting fresh air we stopped at two stores for dog food and diapers and by the time we got home I was feeling absolutely starved. I had eaten one banana, one juice box, three corn chips, and a bite of a corn muffin all day. I nearly cried when we passed the macaroni and cheese/Spaghettio aisle. I don't even like Spaghettios. When we got to the meat section I started drooling. I don't even like meat.

I walked out of the store practically hugging a salt-free bottle of Heinz ketchup (I researched the brand this morning and found that it was acceptable even though there is a salt substitute listed in the ingredients) and an 8-pack of raw meat slider burgers. We weren't in the front door two minutes before I had started cooking them.

I devoured four mini sliders--two sandwichfuls--three juice boxes and was still hungry but I was no longer starving. I've been starving all week. As soon as I ate those burgers my mind started to clear and I felt instantly better. Who knew.