Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Low iodine diet: Day 4

Today I felt great!

My body is starting to get used to this diet.  Also, now that I've upped my calcium I'm feeling much better.  There were a few times today when I stood up too fast and felt as if I might faint, but for the most part I had enough energy to take a walk with Katie, to groom and shower the dogs, and clean the house.

Tonight I had whole wheat pasta with olive oil, Mrs. Dash, iodine-free salt, and a splash of sugar.  It was so good I had two plates.  And with the leftover pasta I made a pasta salad for tomorrow.  For desert I had a mango fruit popsicle and then Dylan and I made popcorn in our Whirley Pop (thanks Carrie and Laura!).  I also had a cup of soda.  I felt like we were at the movies!

I feel constantly hungry even though I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, but I no longer feel like I'm in dairy withdrawal.

I'm off to put Dylan to sleep.  He should've been in bed an hour ago and is currently sitting next to me at the table saying, "You got ears, Mama!"