Friday, March 8, 2013

My hero

I mailed out Katie's birth announcement to my midwife and my surgeon this morning. We only had a few stamps so I chose to send two to the people who are responsible for bringing her into this world first. I discovered this video of Dr. Udelsman when I was searching for his address online and I've watched it a bunch. Even in this short little clip he makes me smile. He is the surgeon who performed my thyroidectomy in October and he was an absolute doll. A pro in his field and a joy of a human being. After I hugged him goodbye for the last time--after he had said, "You're going to live a long and healthy life" to me--he made one request: that I send him a birth announcement when little Kathleen was born. I've had a lot of not-so-great doctors over the years, but Dr. Udelsman was one of my favorites and I'm pretty sure he saved my life that day when he removed my tumor.