Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yeast infection

Our poor hound Sam lost half of his ear when he was a puppy to a dog attack and it was sewed on backwards by a very sweet vet. This is the reason we now have Sam in our family because his owners did not want to pay for an ear surgery and were going to have him put to sleep until his angels at American Lab Rescue stepped in and helped him heal and get adopted.

Fast forward to now. Sam has had a yeast infection in his injured ear since last May. We have taken him to the vet numerous times, treated his infection with numerous medications, tried some not so conventional methods like vinegar washes and having him wear socks, all to no avail. The infection lingers and Sam is constantly crying and licking his paw scratching inside his ear which only makes it worse because it is a breeding ground for bacteria.

We are trying a new medicine this month and I am resorting to a towel e-collar to try to dissuade him from licking and scratching. I really don't want him to have to have a surgery or to lose his ear but at this point I'm ready to do absolutely anything to make my puppy feel better.

Although he looks miserable he is also proud that he is getting to wear clothes. Sam gets very excited when he is dressed in human clothes, although he'd probably prefer a nightgown rather than a towel collar.