Friday, February 1, 2013

37 weeks pregnant!

Well. I woke up still pregnant and I am finally full term! You can come out now, baby.

I saw my OBGYN this morning for my weekly visit. I usually see my midwife--whom I adore--but she suggested I see my regular OB once more before the baby comes so I saw Dr. OB today. And I like her, too, but she's in higher demand and so I waited a good 45 minutes in the exam room before she could see me. Everything went smoothly, she sat down and talked to me in depth about how all of my levels are doing thyroid-wise, listened to Katie's heartbeat, measured my belly, and the like. Katie is still measuring just fine and Dr. OB said she is welcome to come at anytime. She also scheduled me for an ultrasound for Tuesday because of everything this poor baby has been through. I'm hoping she is born before Tuesday though because my body is pretty done with pregnancy and I'm sure Kate's is fed up, too. Although I can handle three more weeks.

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Don't be fooled by my lack of a jacket, it is 30 &deg out and started snowing while I took these.

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Dylan loved riding his bike and playing in the sandbox for the ten minutes we were able to be outside, but even he was so cold that he came right inside when asked.

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I'm wearing red today in honor of my friend's adorable baby Sophia who is battling heart disease and kicking some butt. Happy National Heart Awareness Month, everybody!


I don't know what it is about Fridays but my children (Dylan and furkids) have been amazing today. All of the puppies are sleeping soundly, Dylan is playing wonderfully with his trucks, I almost have to pinch myself everyone is being so well-behaved. Sean will be home in thirty minutes and we can start the weekend. Hopefully by Monday we'll be a family of four. As long as she doesn't come during the Super Bowl.