Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow pictures: part one

Oh, this storm did not disappoint. Although, I'm sort of a snow snob when the constant weather reports start panicking that THERE IS SNOW ON THE WAY! because we do live in New England and this is what happens, people. I especially loved when it snowed--once--a few years ago when I spent a few months living in North Carolina because the roads were barely white and North Carolinians acted as if the world had completely stopped.

I also used to plow snow when I was a landscaper at UConn back in college and when the weather started to get rough and as all of the other drivers on the road scurried to get home, I was in my little black Jetta making my way to work. I inherited a Lieutenant Dan attitude after so many hours behind the wheel of that plow. It's just snow, people.


Three feet of snow is just a typical Saturday morning up at our favorite cabin in upstate Vermont. I've been reminiscing about that little cabin since the snow started last night and found this low quality video of us shoveling off the cabin's roof six years ago and ultimately jumping off of the roof.

Although my holy roller snow snob attitude does not hold up well when I refuse to rush to the store and buy milk and bread, because now we are almost out of milk.


So fast forward to this morning. Our first goal was to shovel out a path for the dogs for obvious reasons.

Dylan was very interested in all of the snow. These two doors he is standing by both have awnings so this is just how much drifted next to the door.


Here's what it looks like at our house:

Can you find Sean in that last photo? Hint: he's the tiny head next to the flying snow.

I'm sure there will be more snow pictures to follow once everyone wakes up from their post-shoveling naps around here.