Monday, January 7, 2013

Rock Me Mama

Dylan has two favorite songs: One written by a friend of mine called Hold Up, and Rock Me Mama--the Old Crow Medicine Show version. Currently he asks to hear these two songs on repeat allllll dayyyyy lonnnnnng. I don't mind much because I like both of them and I adore when he sings along.

The other day, though, he asked me to play a song from the Sister Act soundtrack over and over again while we were on a long car ride and I couldn't wait to get out of the car. :)

This morning we made a table hammock out of Dylan's Moby wrap. I had seen this idea on Pinterest a while back and my friend Brittany did this with her little girl the other day, so we decided to put on some music and make our own table hammock.

The video is a bit dizzying but you can get the idea. I adore when he sings, "Hey, Mama rock me" or claps. I love this little boy.

Our day was really fun. We built a desk out of old shelves. Dylan loves to help with projects even if it just means handing me a glue stick or sitting next to me while I fire up the drill. After he woke up from his nap we enjoyed an ice cream sandwich reward.


Speaking of ice cream sandwiches, I might get one now before I hop into a nice warm bath after a lovely day.

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