Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's too loud!

I'm the worst mother ever. Every time Dylan falls on his butt while roller skating in the den I laugh hysterically. He laughs with me, so it's not like I'm laughing at him, but I guess I am laughing at him. Like, pee my pants laughing. We have way too much fun.

Anyway, Dylan hates the vacuum cleaner lately. Our dog Sam totally loses it when the vacuum is out and barks, growls, and attacks the crud out of the vacuum cleaner. So I usually have to put him outside. But Dylan gets scared now because it is admittedly overwhelming to watch a dog lose his cool so hard. Dylan also accidentally turned the vacuum on once and cried for a good twenty minutes because the noise scared him. So he wears earphones now.

Here is is telling me that he doesn't want me to vacuum. He also tells me he doesn't like the jets (in the bathtub) because they are too loud. Loud trucks and fireworks, however, are not at all frightening to him.

And here he is giving me the evil eye after I turned on the vacuum.

Sorry, sweetheart, we have to vacuum in this house often. Maybe one day you will be less afraid.