Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big brother-to-be

When I was pregnant with Dylan we bought a cheap $10 doll so that our special needs pups could get accustomed to the idea of having a baby in the house. Dylan recently found that doll and has been nurturing her; soothing her when she cries, laughing when she says Mama! Daddy!, hugging her, and feeding her from his sippy cup. He's doing this on his own, unprovoked, and I am melting.


He loves to kiss my belly, too. He asks to snuggle with Katie everyday.

Me: "That's your sister Kathleen in there!"
Dylan: "Hi Caffeine!"

I'm trying to use all three of her names since we call her Kathleen, Katie, and Kate. I get afraid that he thinks I'm saying "kitty" instead of Katie. He loves cats so I don't want him to be disappointed when we bring home a baby and not a cat.

Dylan: "I see Katie, Mommy?!"
Me: "Is that a baby in there?"
Dylan: "No!" [Uh oh, he thinks it's a cat...] "It's a baby SISTER!!"