Tuesday, December 4, 2012

An aniversary

I quit smoking five years ago today. At the time I was working as a mailman--when your only break was for a cigarette--and before that I lived in a smoke-filled break room earning minimum wage as a landscaper. Smoking was my life. These days I have zero cigarette cravings and I laugh when I see that the cost of smoking has increased to eight, sometimes nine dollars a pack! That's the equivalent of three gallons of milk!

Can anyone even afford to smoke in this economy?

Since I don't have much of a love for Camel Lights anymore I went on my old blogs in search of reminiscing about how quitting made me feel.

This entry is from 12/11/08:

"...On top of that, I'm on day 7 of not smoking. Today makes one week. And quitting smoking is harder than I could've imagined. I always want one. Especially at work when all of my coworkers gather outside for a smoke break without me. And after I wake up. And after I eat. And after it snows. And whenever I go outside. And before bed. If you've ever quit a habit, you probably know the feeling. This is a hundred times worse than that year I gave up candy for Lent."

Huzzah for no smoking!