Friday, April 20, 2012

The first year of Dylan project

I took a photo of Dylan everyday for a year. I didn't plan to do this project, it just sort of happened. And now that we're talking about having a second baby I will probably have to do the same for #2, too. Although, second children never have as many photos as the first so maybe I'll just do every other day next time around.

There's this great blog I read called STFU Parents which makes fun of those parents who have to share every little detail of their child's life.  Somewhere along the line I became one of those parents.  I mean, I don't share everything, but I'm well aware that I'm one of those annoying moms that make single people stock up on birth control.

Dylan is my life.  He is my job, my joy, my exhaustion, my excuse for a messy house.  Aside from those 6-8 glorious hours of sleep at night--if we're lucky--he is my conscious thought.  I take these photos of him asleep on the couch and capture those videos of him screaming away monotonous melodies at the piano and then I read this STFU blog and see my words mirror these posts.  Oh, adults, I totally apologize for talking about my son so often.  Really and truly I do.  But I can't help it.  Because if I didn't talk about him, I would seriously have nothing left to say.

Unless you'd like to talk about my dogs. 

sean photos
A and S
Patriotic Jazz
Pups in snow

As far as I know there is no blog about too much dog talk because no one minds if you talk about dogs. Except maybe cat people. But they can't be trusted anyway.