Friday, April 20, 2012

Forget it


I'm such a slacker lately. Mainly because my days are spent chasing and entertaining this little one and the weather has been so glorious that I can't bring myself to spend daylight hours in front of a computer--even if Dylan allowed me the time. In the past ten days, I have completely weaned Dylan off of nursing (insert sigh) and last Tuesday he turned 18 months old. In our new non-breastfeeding schedule, he has decided that he no longer wishes to nap for more than ten minutes during the day. So forget about that two hours where I would sneak away for a bath or a book or a blog. He's doing great, though, and rarely even asks to nurse.

In technological news, I bought a little Canon Rebel to tool with around the house, and ordered a used 2006 MacBook from eBay which will be delivered on Tuesday. I'm a Nikon/PC girl, and have always been aside from my Fuji years, so this is going to be a big adjustment. I'm going to miss right-clicking.

And Levon Helm died yesterday which absolutely breaks my heart. I saw him in concert three years ago and instead of hearing his crazy Dirt Farmer songs, he came onstage on "vocal rest" and just drummed the whole concert. As annoyed as I was then to spend $65 on a concert in which Levon didn't sing a note, I forgive him now.