Monday, March 3, 2014

I will not walk on camera, people


This little girl is getting such a big personality. She's got her own taste and interests and she lets you know how she feels about everything. She's a huge cuddler, but she is more than happy to play with Dylan for hours without Mom or Dad. And don't even think about walking by her without picking her up if she has her arms outstretched or you will hear the wrath of Katie. She throws mini tantrums by lying as flat as she can face down on the floor. She'll swat you if she doesn't want what you're offering. She's really sweet and silly and fun.

She's taking even more steps today, but of course she won't perform as soon as I turn on the camera. Even so, she is quite entertaining. Here she is making me laugh until I snort:

And when she gets bored of pretending to walk, she inspects the camera:

Dylan is watching Transformers in the background. He loves the RescueBots. I'm so thrilled that he's not watching Caillou or Barney or the Doodle Bops anymore. Transformers are awesome and I can totally watch this show with him and not feel like giving the main character a noogie.