Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The last day of babyhood

Today began with a crying Kate at 5AM, followed by the news that a good family friend has passed away. It continued with an entire cup of coffee spilled on the couch, a snow storm, and running out of paint after painting half of a wall. And then Dylan finger painted on one of the dogs. But all and all we still had a really fun day filled with laughter. And playing in buckets.


Poor tolerant Dylan:

Today is Kate's last day as an eleven-month-old baby. Tomorrow is her first birthday. I'm desperately sentimental about such a big milestone. I don't remember feeling this sad about Dylan turning one, but I'm sure I did. I've been busting my butt to give Kate a really sweet first birthday party. I did the same for Dylan but we had his first at his favorite park and it was so windy and cold and rainy that my plans to decorate the gazebo were completely scrapped. I know that a one-year-old doesn't care about what kind of party they are thrown, but this means a lot to me to make it really special for her.


Here she is dancing a bit:

And talking:

I just looked back at Dylan's photos from the day before his first birthday. He seems so much bigger. He was walking by then. Look at this boy!!! Oh, I love him so much!

As sad as I am for my baby to grow up, I will be so glad not to have to photograph her everyday for her 365 project. I may not take a single photo on Thursday just to feel rebellious.