Friday, February 7, 2014

First pickle

Today was a day of a few firsts for Kate. She ate her first pickle--and loved it--and also had her hair blow dried after her bath, which she also loved. She's have a rough time with a double eye infection and yada yada, we're all still sick around here. This was yesterday:

Katie day 353

You know something is wrong with Kate when she's not smiling. She's a happy baby. She was looking a bit better today and we played in the snow in the house yet again. We tried to go out in the yard but the snow was up to Dylan's knees.


Kate and I went shopping this morning for a few birthday presents for her. We bought her a dress for her party, a Little People princess castle, a swing for the swing set, and a new coat. And a friend of ours brought her a bunch of clothes and books today so she had a ridiculously fun day. Dylan loved her castle so the two of them sat around playing with that for a bunch of the day.

Here's a video from the other day of Kate playing with her walker. Pardon the living room mess and my pajamas, this was the end of a very long snow day.

And now it's the weekend. Finally.