Friday, February 28, 2014

Boy, your hair is crazy!

Today is crazy hair day at Dylan's preschool. Dylan picked out green hair dye weeks ago in preparation but last week he changed his mind and begged for purple hair. He also said he wanted to cut some of his hair so I gave him half of a hair cut. He chose which half he wanted cut. And he was proud.

Here's a picture of the back from yesterday. His head is a little purple because he wanted to try the dye, too.


And here is his photo shoot from this morning. I've never seen this kid so excited to go to school. He had his coat and shoes on forty minutes before the bell rang.


Of course after all of that hype over purple hair, he only let me put a little bit in this morning and decided that was all he wanted.

So Dylan wears pants with the built-in elastic belt because he's so skinny. He's still a size 12 months in shorts but he is a 3 or 4T length so we have to synch up the belt really tight for his pants to stay on. As we were walking across the parking lot to school this morning, with Dylan carrying his cement mixer stuffed in his giant show and tell brown paper bag, he stops walking and calmly says, "Mom, my pants."

I look down and here is this boy of mine, in 5° weather, with his underpants and pants down at his ankles. The belt had broken and nothing stayed up and so Dylan was just standing there half naked. I don't think anyone noticed and it's not like a bunch of three-year-olds would've cared. I can't stop laughing about it after the fact. He's at school now and I managed to loop his belt on the outside of his pants and through the belt loops so I'm really hoping that his pants are staying up.

But he's so excited about crazy hair day and bringing in his truck to show everyone that I don't even think he'd notice if his pants fell off.