Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That's a first!

Dylan had been bugging me all morning to take him outside despite the temperature high of 12° and so while Kate was napping I bundled him up in a ton of layers and we high-tailed it out front.


We wanted to try that blowing bubbles experiment circulating the Internet where bubbles are rumored to freeze in 16° temps. Maybe it was the mix we used but our bubbles didn't freeze and it was only 8° out. We were outside for four minutes when Dylan asked if we could go inside. I had to ask him to repeat himself because this is the kid who will play outside for hours in the cold and he rarely comes in without a fight as to why he should be allowed to stay out a little longer, even if he is soaked through.


So we went in and made blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate. We made some hot chocolate for the mailman, too, who seemed very grateful. I remember having to deliver mail in cold temperatures and it is no picnic. Those LLVs barely have heat and they have even less traction so basically you are driving around in a lunchbox on wheels. I feel terrible for anyone who is out working in this cold, or worse, living in it.


And the boy thawed out.


Kate woke up and had three pancakes herself. That baby knows what she likes.


We're stuck in the house again today because I asked Sean to take my car so that he'd be safer on the icy roads this morning. But stuck in the house isn't necessarily bad when you've inherited a bunch of new toys for Christmas. Kate and Dylan like to play together in their playroom at night and last night Dylan decided to remove all of the toys from the toy box to make a fort. So imagine my surprise when I walked in there today to find this mess:


Ummmmm. They can't even find the floor. Here is Dylan explaining who made this mess:

Looks like my afternoon project will be getting that playroom picked up.

For now, though, Dylan is rocking Katie's baby dolls and feeding them a bottle on the couch and the heat is on high and we are cozy warm.


Life is good.