Monday, January 27, 2014


Who's there? Oh, nobody here but us superheroes!

Katie day 343

Bernadette, in her typical creative fashion, made the kids superhero capes for the goodie bags for Jovani's party. So today I ate lunch with Super Dylan and Super Kate!

And tonight the two of them somehow jammed into a cabinet together.


This afternoon I sneaked up on the two of them playing in the playroom and found Dylan reading Goodnight Moon to Katie all sprawled out on the floor.


He's at a stage where he wants to teach Kate about everything he loves to read and sing and Kate is not complaining about the extra brotherly attention. Here is his version of the story:

And then we sang a little Phil Collins:

We're almost out of the clear with these germs. Kate is doing much better now although her nose is constantly running. At least her croup is nonexistent.

I've been seriously slacking on Katie's day 365 photos. She's on day 343 and for the last week, since the kids have both been so sick, I barely snap one or two photos of her and call it a day. As tired as I get of photographing my babies every day for the first year of their lives, I really love going back and seeing how far they've come. I love comparing Dylan's first year with Kate's.

This is what we did when Dylan was 343 days old:

Day 343 (8)
Day 343 (20)
Day 343 (2)

I'm falling behind when it comes to planning Katie's birthday, I just don't have the energy these days to throw a party. First birthday parties are supposed to be extra special and I haven't given it much thought. Poor Katie. She gets the short end of the stick too often. She had to go through surgery with me when I was 24 weeks pregnant, she lost me for a week when I went into isolation when she was two months old, I wasn't able to breastfeed her for longer than a month because of my radiation treatments, she still isn't baptized, and now I'm dragging my feet planning her party. I'll have to try harder to right things for her.

For now Sean and I are going to enjoy happy hour. That is, the hour after the kids go to bed and before we pass out from a long day. Time for some grownup television and puppy cuddles.