Monday, January 13, 2014

My favorite present

Friday was our fifth anniversary. I'm sorry if I've mentioned that a hundred times. We semi-eloped for our wedding and planned it in a week and it was on the day of a big blizzard so we don't have too many photos of our big day because we were all freezing. But we made up for it on our first anniversary with my absolute favorite photos of us ice skating in our wedding gear in our backyard.

1st wedding anniversary

After being in front of my camera for the last decade, it's hard to get Sean to happily pose for photo shoots these days so when he agreed to do another wedding clothes session with me for our anniversary I was overjoyed.

And not only did we dress up in the very cold windy weather, but he didn't complain once. And we laughed and skipped and ran around and climbed trees like teenagers. It was the best day.

fifth anniversary edits1
fifth anniversary edits2

I'm not going to post all of them, but you can see a few HERE on my flickr account. Including the outtakes of us trying to get in and out of a tree.