Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Laughy wife, happy life

There are plenty of secrets to a healthy marriage, laughter being one of them. Sean can make me laugh like no one else. He's quiet and keeps to himself a lot except here at home and to those who know him best, he only speaks when he has something important--or hilarious--to add to the conversation. I've got this line that I say to him a bunch, "And that's why I married you." I find myself saying that several times a week. He just makes my life better. I love his company. Always.

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Here's a video from a bunch of years ago that makes me laugh. We do this thing...three seconds...where we have to try not to laugh for three seconds while the other person tickles us. It never fails, we end up cracking up.

Another thing that keeps our marriage laughing is mini marshmallows. We have a rule that if we're eating mini marshmallows we have to be throwing them at each other. We usually get one or two into our mouths and half the package ends up on the floor and we always laugh and laugh. Same goes for cheeseballs.

Although cheeseballs are way messier when we miss.