Thursday, December 26, 2013

The day after

We took down the Christmas tree first thing this morning. Kate fell asleep on my back.


Dylan loved helping me vacuum up the pine needles.

It snowed today. I made a huge mistake trying to make it to the store thinking that it was just a dusting and the roads would be fine. But the roads were icy under that small dusting and we nearly slid into the main road by our house. We barely made it a mile before the road was completely closed with a tractor trailer blocking our path. So we turned around and went home and Dylan played in the snow. We were fortunate to make it home safely.


Kate loved watching Dylan.


To add to the Best Christmas Ever, Dylan asked me to have a jam session with him last night. He received a harmonica and a drum set from Santa and so he asked if I would get my guitar so we could play together.

Here he is trying out his drums:

We played a little Van Morrison:

And a little Dar Williams:

His harmonica is in the key of C so we can play a ton of stuff that will complement each other. I'm not sure who loved it more. I'm a little in shock that I can now play music with my child. I became interested in the piano when I was Dylan's age and it's pretty neat he's following in my footsteps. When Kate gets older we can start a family band! As much as Sean denies it, he is actually a ridiculously good singer. Maybe we'll be a closeted family band.