Sunday, December 15, 2013

New friends, old music

Dylan wanted to rush outside to shovel at 7AM but we convinced him that maybe we should play trains for a little while and give the neighbors (and his parents) some time to wake up before we went out to play in the snow. When we did manage our way outdoors, our neighbors across the street were also out shoveling. We always say hello and are cordial but aside from standing together in the dark on one 4th of July we hadn't really spoken much until today. Dylan noticed that our neighbors have a little boy about his age and after he had shoveled most of the driveway with Daddy he asked if we could go over and see his new friend and so we did. The neighbor boy is five and started his first year of kindergarten this fall. The boys went sledding in the yard and played in the snow, Dylan showed his new friend how to throw a snowball just like the older neighbor boys taught him last week, and I had a nice time talking to our neighbors while a sleeping Kate conked out in her carrier on my back. I found myself nearly skipping home to tell Sean that our neighbors are really nice people and hopefully the boys will continue to get along as they get older despite the two-years age difference.

Dylan really works hard in the snow.


Katie had her first sled ride this morning, on her 300th day of life.


She looks a bit annoyed to be so bundled up, but once we started moving she smiled hard. And then the second I stopped pushing her she regained this pissy look. It was hilarious.

She was all like Mama, why do I have to have wear so many clothes.


It's hard to imagine that this time last year Dylan was barely two-years-old. He looked so small.


And Kate wasn't even born.

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Later in the day after we had lunch and I took a nap, Dylan and I went to Home Depot. We needed to break out of the house. After a weekend snowed-in at home we felt like dormant caterpillars busting out of a cocoon and trying out our wings. Dylan was thrilled when I played Poker Face for him. He loves that song and asks for it on repeat.

After Poker Face, my iPod shuffled to a song I wrote and performed with a friend of mine in college, called 45. It has kind of a Poker Face beat and I figured Dylan might like it.

So we drove to the store listening to this old song I wrote and Dylan was really quiet in the backseat. When it finished I asked him if he liked that song. He said yes. And then he asked if we could hear Poker Face again. Haha, sure kid.