Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm back online!

My new computer charger FINALLY came in the mail today so I am back up and running with a spectacular working computer. It's a good thing, too, because my camera was so filled with photos it was about to burst. So let's catch up.

On Tuesday we played with friends. And Bernadette finally brought over that giant art she made for Kate before Kate was born. It's awesome, and so so huge. We'll have to hang it somewhere where it is not likely to fall on Kate's head.


On Wednesday we had Spaghettios, which have zero nutrition value whatsoever but I loved them as a kid. My aunt Sandy used to make them for us all the time. That and macaroni and cheese. Anyway, Dylan and Kate loved them, too.


I also found yet another box of goodies from Influenster in our mailbox!! We had fun trying out some of the products. Will post more on that later.


Sean left for a business trip on Thursday morning before we woke up and since it was quite foggy and rainy here we spent some of the morning at Home Depot--Dylan's favorite store--and playing indoors.

Here's our view on the left--there's actually a building right behind that tree but the fog was so thick that everything turned white--and the view from Sean's tropical hotel room on the right. But I'm not bitter.


Our playroom sure gets a lot of use.


We cleaned the house before bed.


And on Friday my new ERGObaby arrived!!!


I've been dying to get this carrier since Dylan was a baby and finally after trying a half dozen other carriers I decided it was worth biting the bullet and spending the money to get a carrier that we would get a lot of use out of and one that would actually be comfortable. Kate loves it a little too much and hasn't wanted to be put down since it arrived. Last night was also our visit with Santa at Dylan's school. I'll post those pictures another time.

We picked up Sean at the airport this morning and now I'm hoping not to move for the rest of the weekend. I could use a few days worth of sleep as I'm not feeling my best. Maybe an afternoon of Monster's University, popcorn, and cocoa.


Kate seems on board with that idea. We are all so glad to have Daddy back home with us.