Monday, December 9, 2013

Can I get some root beer with that ice?

Dylan probably shouldn't have had school today. He had a delay so he went in an hour later than usual and gets out a half hour later. The forecast called for snow and freezing rain and we woke up with everything in sight covered in ice. The roads were decent and we got to school just fine but when we pulled into the parking lot I realized that it hadn't been touched by sand or snowplow. A parking lot ice rink.

We turned the corner and saw a man in his 60s happily sliding around on the ice as if he was skating at Rockefeller. He was extremely gleeful and theatrical with his shoe skating. He was awesome.

We parked in our normal spot which was a huge mistake because we had to walk uphill on ice with Dylan slipping every few steps as I carried Kate and fought to keep Dylan on his feet. One of the dads came and helped me by taking Dylan to the front door. The teachers had shoveled out the stairs for us and we all just stood there in the safe zone kind of in shock as all of the other moms and dads slipped through the parking lot. One of the grandpas offered to go get my car and drive it up around front so I wouldn't have to walk down the ice hill with the baby and I gladly accepted. I have no idea how I could safely get her back to the car otherwise. He said to me, "You don't have four wheel drive, do you." and I told him that I do, actually. To which he replied, "It must not be on because I was slipping everywhere." and when I informed him that it's an AWD vehicle we both probably made a mental note to drive extra careful on our way home. He was so sweet to go get the car for me, I could've kissed him. The teachers were visibly upset that the church hadn't cleared the lot and they made note that they were going to call immediately to see where the plows and sand were and hopefully get everything cleared for pickup.

So we made it home safe and then I took Katie outside to photograph some of the ice.


And this is how I managed to photograph the ice with a baby in tow.


She loves this new ErgoBaby and will gladly go anywhere with me if I'm carrying her. We're off to go pick up Dylan from school. Wish us luck! Drive safe, everybody!