Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Catching up

I'm cuddled under a blanket on the couch watching the weather channel--not thee Weather Channel, but a local one that plays 24hr weather and symphonic music--while Dylan naps and Katie quietly talks from her pack n play. She's avoiding sleep. I've only got a little over an hour before I have to get the kids packed and ready to go to the doctor's office for Katie's 9 month well-baby appointment. Can you believe she's nine months already?! She celebrated her last day as an eight month old yesterday by cutting her first tooth! She hasn't been sleeping all week, waking up time after time through the night and not going back to sleep until I held her close and rocked her. She was pained by those sore gums.


Last night, after that pesky tooth finally broke the skin, she slept great. Maybe that sleep regression episode will be a thing of the past. Knock on wood. I tried to take a picture of the tooth but it's really hard to see still although it is easily felt if you press your finger to her gums.


Yeah, I don't think you can see it, maybe there's just a glimpse of a tooth. It's on the bottom left, her bottom right. I'm so glad she seems to be feeling better. I can't say I didn't mourn the loss of my tiny baby when I first felt the tooth yesterday morning. She's so big now.

Her new favorite thing is to pretend to feed people. If she's got a teether in her hand she's trying to stick it in your mouth and laughing loudly if you play along and pretend that it is yummy. She also crawls into the playroom with Dylan and plays for a long time with him.


They're two peas.


We spent time with my honorary niece this week since our dear friends are visiting from England.


The kids always get along great and watching Teagan and Kate finally old enough to interact is awesome!


And the most important event in our week is that yesterday we welcomed our third niece and fourth nephew into the world and they are just so so perfect! Sam was 6lbs and Lainey was 5 lbs 15oz. I am so smitten! We've been facetiming and my sister has been sending lots of photos and videos. I'm feeling really sad that they live all the way on the other side of the country but at least I'm getting to see a lot of them. They are such beautiful babies.

Sam (L) & Elaine (R)

I paced around all day yesterday waiting for them to be born. Dylan is really excited about them, too. He is curious as to why they are crying and what they are looking at and has all sorts of questions. He is now telling me that Katie was in his belly once and when I correct him and say that she was actually in Mama's belly, he laughs and tells me that she is his baby sister.

Carrie and I think that Lainey looks a bit like Kate, even though they are not technically blood related. Here's Katie at two days old:


I look forward to watching our kids grow up.

Dylan is in full Christmas mode. He has already picked out what he wants from Santa and surprisingly he hasn't wavered in his decisions. He want's a "big machine, a big bulldozer, Thomas the Train, and Batman on a motorcycle." It's crazy to think that last year he was two and just starting to understand what Christmas is all about. This year he is PUMPED. Here is last year's letter to Santa:


And Christmas 2010:






I am counting the days until next friday--the day after Thanksgiving--when we can go buy our tree from the local firehouse and decorate the heck out of this house. Sean is not a huge Christmas fan like I am and so I'm not allowed to go crazy about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. No Christmas music, no lights, no wreaths. But you just wait until next Friday. I'm going to eminate cheer until New Years!