Sunday, October 13, 2013

Land sharks, autumn, and armpits

We were driving home from our walk at the lake and I told Dylan that we were going to grill some burgers for lunch. From the backseat I heard:

"We're going to cook Bubba burgers. With barbeGue and extra cheeeeeeese. We have to make sure big chubby Sammy don't go into the kitchen and eat our burgers. He is a land shark."

Quite true. Sam is a scavenger and he'd totally eat our lunch.


Sean was exhausted after staying up late for the Red Sox game last night so I packed up the kids and the double stroller and we went for a photo hike. And photo we did. I took 1,888 photos in those two hours. To be fair, I put the camera on the tripod and attached the remote and it takes continuous shots so I didn't reeeeeally take that many photos. My BFF who now lives in England is a bit homesick for New England autumns and so I decided that today we would go out and photograph the leaves for her.


In the bathtub after dinner I told Dylan that we had to check everyone for ticks because we had been playing in the woods. He said, "I have ticks!" and pointed to his underarm.

"Those are ARMPITS", I said as I laughed.

"We need to tell Daddy that these are my armpits!"