Sunday, September 8, 2013

We cut the cord

We loved everything about our cable provider except for the fact that our bill was about to jump fifty dollars as our introductory rate expired. We were about to pay way too much for cable and internet and we thought, maybe we don't need cable after all. We mostly watch streaming Netflix anyway and the few shows we do watch aren't that important to us. So yesterday we subscribed to Amazon Prime Instant Video and bought a digital antenna to get free local cable for the news and Giants games. We called up AT&T and told them that even though we love them, we don't want to spend $150 a month for television. They nicely gave us a deal on our internet service and instructed us on how to return our cable boxes.


And wow. Life happens when you aren't watching television. We had a great weekend without cable. We spent so much more time together instead of watching some show we wouldn't care about unless it was in front of us. We even had a family game night.


Maybe we'll go back to cable, but for now we are really loving this.


Poor Dylan is going to miss his third day of preschool tomorrow. He is awful sick. He's had a fever since Friday. 101.7, 100.5. 99.9 this morning. We thought it was going down finally. Tonight back up to 102. He's been coughing, sneezing, snotting. Tonight he looked really sick before we sat down to dinner and so Sean took him up to shower him and poor Dylan threw up all over the kitchen as soon as they came downstairs. That confirms it, no school. I just checked him again, 102.5. He says he has a boo boo in his throat. Poor baby.

Katie Rhea was supposed to start Mother Goose at the library tomorrow morning but I'm pulling that to be home with Dylan and just in case Kate is carrying the virus, we don't want any of the other babies in her group to get sick.


In the meantime, these two are watching their first Daddy/Daughter football game. With a crystal clear picture from our new HD digital antenna. Kate is six months old.


This was Dylan's first Giants game with Daddy:

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He was seven days old.

Ah, football season. How I've missed you.