Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And nobody cried!

Today was Dylan's first day of preschool!! He's been so excited about going to school for months now, especially since the night of his open house where he discovered that preschool has a toy oil truck and a fake kitchen complete with microwave. Life doesn't get better when you are a two-year-old boy who loves trucks and washing the dishes.

We made a paper chain out of construction paper last week and he has been eagerly ripping one ring off of the chain each night as he awaited his first day of big boy school.

He is more than ready to go to school and be with his peers and I think I am ready for him to go, too. I wasn't sure if I would be emotional or not as we said goodbye for that first time. I know he will love preschool and so I am not sad about him leaving. Spread your wings, little one!

He woke up and did a little ABCMouse in his bathrobe while I counted the minutes before getting him dressed and packed and out the door.


Sean envisioned walking Dylan to school on the first day and I was feeling strong enough to do it, so we took a few photos of the big boy at home before starting our 1.8 mile journey. It was 64° out so Dylan was pumped to wear his payloader sweater.


And then we were off! I wonder if I will look back on this picture years from now and look fondly upon how cheap gas was in 2013.


Dylan was so thrilled to see all of the trucks and buses as we walked.


We arrived at school with a few minutes to spare so we took a few more photos outside. Dylan picked out his own backpack and it is huge on him. He stopped a few times during his photo shoot to watch trucks go by.


We waited for the school bells to ring.


The teachers called everyone by name and Dylan was in the last class and by the time they called him in he was beyond excited to get to school.


When he was finally called in to class, his teacher taught him how to put his folder and lunch box away and hang up his backpack.


And then he walked off and barely said goodbye to us as he jumped head first into school. Success at last, Dylan, you made it through months of patient waiting.



He was excited to see us as we picked him up at the end of his day and tell us about how much he loves school.

There were a few things he said to me this afternoon which made me laugh and so I wrote them down for later. He's calling the other kids in his class the kids or my kids instead of my friends. As he was recapping his morning he said, "I roared at my kids because Dylan is a lion."

Ha. And then we had this conversation:

Me: Do you remember any of the songs you learned today?
Dylan: Little bit.
Me: Can you sing a little of what you remember of the Hello song?
Dylan: No. I'm thirsty. (Takes a sip of water) I'm just drinking because I've been sweeping here.

My favorite conversation happened outside in the yard. Dylan was holding two beads in his hand:

Dylan: I've got one little ball. And one little ball. That's two little balls!
Me: Wow! You're doing math! Did you learn that at school?
Dylan: Yes! That's why! I was mathing!


I'm going to call his first day a total success. Plus his teacher was still smiling when we picked him up and he was sent home with a positive note.


Here's to two decades more of happy schooling, Dylan!