Thursday, August 1, 2013

Unhappy Kate

Kate is teething hard. She hasn't slept more than four hours at night since Monday, she wakes up screaming, her nose is running and she is drooling like a champ.


Last night she was inconsolable until midnight and was up at 3AM crying, obviously in pain, and so congested that I couldn't get her nose clear. I wrapped her in a blanket and took her outside, rocking her as we walked in the pitch black of the driveway. We ended up finally falling back to sleep two hours later sitting up together on the couch.

(Not sure why my phone didn't record sound)

Oh teething, I remember you.

She seems a bit better tonight. Was playing trucks with Dylan for a while and then enjoyed a nice warm bath with me to clear her sinuses. She's smiling again, a nice change from the recent daily sad face.

We may sleep tonight.